ENAIRE Surpasses the 2-million-flight Mark for the Year

(Photo: ENAIRE)

The Spanish air traffic control provider, ENAIRE, has announced that it managed 2,000,789 flights in the first eleven months of the year, 50,880 more than from January to November 2018. The company said this represents a growth of 2.6%, higher than the European average, which stands at 0.9%.

So far this year, every traffic type has grown: overflights (flights that do not depart from or arrive at a Spanish airport) totalled 430,999 (+5.2%); domestic flights, 400,976 (+3.9%), and international flights, 1,168,814 (+1.2%).

By control centre, Seville handled 394,324 flights (+5%); Barcelona, 924,174 (+3.5%); Madrid, 1,098,408 (+2.4%); Canary Islands, 326,163 (+1.1%); and Palma, 318,352 (+0.1%).