Heathrow’s Third Runway Project is Delayed by “at Least 12 Months”

(Image: Heathrow Airport)

Heathrow Airport has announced that its long-running third runway project has been delayed by “at least 12 months” after the UK’S Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) rejected its spending plans.

The CAA turned down Heathrow’s proposal to raise spending from £650m to £2.4bn before receiving planning consent, saying that it is concerned that passengers would have to meet those costs if Heathrow isn’t granted permission to expand.

Heathrow says it now expects to complete a third runway between 2028 and 2029.

In a consultation document published by the CAA, it said “the best approach in the interest of consumers” is to limit some early construction costs to £1.6bn.

It also said an assessment by an independent surveyor of Heathrow’s plan to open a third runway by 2026 was an “aggressive schedule” needing “maximum activity” even before the airport knew whether it had been given the go-ahead to build.