Avalon Airport, Australia, to Replace Manual Check-in Desks

New CUSS-style equipment will be installed at Avalon Airport. (Photo: Elenium)

Avalon Airport (IATA: AVV), in Victoria, Australia, is to be the first Australian airport to introduce the full suite of Elenium Automation’s self-service check-in kiosks, bag drops, common use self service (CUSS) platform and ‘Flight Deck’ software.

The airport currently handles passenger flights for Jetstar, AirAsia and Citilink and, driven by airline and passenger demand, it is now investing in self-service and automation technology in the terminal to replace manual check-in desks. It says the move will drive greater efficiency, increase terminal capacity potential and improve its customers’ experience.

Avalon Airport CEO, Justin Giddings, said: “We are focused on automation and technical innovation to offer airlines and their passengers a fast, seamless and relaxed journey through the airport. Elenium offers Avalon leading technology solutions and an end-to-end source of automation leadership and support. It is the ideal strategic partner to help us realise this vision. We were also the first international terminal in the country to install a CT Scanner. It’s important to us that we continue using state of the art technologies in order to enhance our customer experience.”