Temporary Changes to the Check-in Procedure at Prague’s Havel Airport

(Photo: Prague Airport)

As part of its modernisation and capacity increase programme, Prague Airport has announced that the reconstruction of the baggage sorting area in Terminal 1 (T1) will partially affect the passenger check-in process this year.

From Sunday, March 1 until the end of August 2020, passengers on flights by 22 selected carriers will be checked in at Terminal 2 (T2) instead of Terminal 1.

The airport said that for a period of time, the check-in and boarding processes will not follow the usual route, however, flights checking in at T2 will still be boarded and handled at T1.

The airport has launched an information campaign which will continue to run throughout the summer season to ease passenger orientation around the airport during the temporary change. Passengers should also receive information about the change directly from their air carrier and are advised to arrive at the airport well in advance, at least three hours before their departure.

Vaclav Rehor, chairman of the Prague Airport board of directors, said: “The number of handled passengers is growing every year and the airport has already reached and exceeded its capacity limits. Therefore, we have been gradually implementing projects that are part of the airport development and will contribute to its modernization and partial increases in its handling and operational capacities. The reconstruction of the baggage sorting area, which has continued for the second year and will temporarily require operational restrictions, is one of the most important projects in this respect. The reconstruction will result in a more modern and even safer space for checking hold baggage, which will most certainly be appreciated by passengers.”