Cagliari becomes the first European airport to install a new UV-C surface disinfection system 

Cagliari Airport’s first Sanycar UV-C device was introduced on March 25. (Cagliari Airport)

Cagliari Airport (IATA: CAG), serving the Italian island of Sardinia, has become the first European Airport to introduce a new ultraviolet surface disinfection system. Supplied by the Sardinia-based company, Sanycar, the system uses invisible Ultraviolet C (UV-C) rays to sanitise the storage and hand luggage trays used at the airport’s passenger security checkpoints. By eliminating pathogens – bacteria, viruses, or other microorganisms that can cause disease – the UV-C rays effectively disinfect the trays as they pass by.

Italy is currently at the forefront of the battle to defeat the coronavirus epidemic and the airport said it is running the new system in conjunction with its normal cleaning procedures.

A Cagliari press release said the UV-C disinfection technology also has the advantage of being environmentally friendly because it does not use any chemicals.

The first device was installed on March 25, while a second, which will sanitise passenger luggage trolleys, plus wheelchairs used in the airport’s Sala Amica passenger assistance area, will be introduced during week commencing March 30.