Manchester Airport now operating from a single terminal

(Photo: Manchester Airport)

Manchester Airport, normally the UK’s third busiest, is now operating all flights from a single building, Terminal 1, in view of the large number of flight cancellations.

The airport gave prior warning of its intentions last week and the move became effective from today, March 25.

All flights that were due to depart from Terminal Two and Terminal Three, will now do so from Terminal One. This means passengers should check-in and pass through security in Terminal One until further notice.

A Manchester Airport statement said: “Anyone due to return to Manchester Airport will arrive into Terminal One, regardless of the Terminal they originally departed from. Those due to collect passengers from the Airport should also be aware of this change.

“In some instances, where people find themselves returning to a different Terminal from which they departed, and have a vehicle in one of Manchester Airport’s car parks, we will make the necessary arrangements for these customers to collect their vehicles and will be in touch with them in due course to explain how this will work.”

The airport has deployed more staff and introduced extra wayfinding to help guide people to the right places.