Heathrow consolidates to two terminals and a single runway

(Photo: HAL)

London’s Heathrow Airport, the UK’s primary international gateway, has today (April 6) temporarily consolidated its flights operations into just two of its four terminals. Heathrow’s two newest facilities, T2 and T5, remain operational while terminals 3 and 4 are temporarily closed. Terminal 1 was permanently closed in June 2015 as part of Heathrow’s long-term development plans.

Heathrow’s Twitter announcement.

The collapse of passenger travel due to the COVID-19 crisis has also meant that Heathrow has now reverted to a single runway operation. It has two parallel runways – 09L/27R and 09R/27L – and Heathrow will alternate their use on a weekly basis to evenly spread the noise impact throughout its neighbouring areas.

The number of flights arriving at Heathrow each day had dropped from more than 600 at the beginning of March to around 100 in the early days of April. However, despite the unprecedented decline in passenger traffic, the airport is still playing an important role as an entry point for essential supplies.