Finavia now requires all customer facing staff to wear face masks

(Photo: Finavia)

The Finnish airport operator, Finavia, has announced that all its customer facing staff must wear mouth and nose protectors. It is also strongly recommending that passengers use a mask as they move about the airport.

In a May 12 statement, Helsinki Airport Director, Ulla Lettijeff, from Finavia, commented: “Now that Finland is gradually easing the coronavirus-related restrictions, Finavia turns its gaze to the future as well. We are preparing ourselves for the return of air traffic carefully and gradually. We have already implemented various coronavirus-related measures at our airports and, if necessary, we are ready to adapt our instructions quickly. Right now, we are expanding the use of masks to protect passengers and employees.”

Ms Lettijeff explained that the company wants to do its best to make sure that air passengers feel safe as they arrive at Finavia’s airports.

“We kindly ask passengers to use their own mask whenever they move about the airport. Please acquire a suitable mask as you prepare for your journey. At this moment, we have also reserved a limited number of mouth-nose protectors which we can provide, upon request, to those passengers who do not yet have their own mask. Airport employees have already had access to masks but, going forward, Finavia is requiring the use of a mask in customer service tasks at all workstations that do not have a separate protective plastic barrier.”

Finavia is offering one batch of mouth-nose protectors to each airport-based company that works in a customer facing role but requires those companies to make their own arrangements after that.