Frankfurt prepares to re-start passenger flights

(Photo: Fraport)

Amid the continuing coronavirus pandemic, Frankfurt Airport (FRA) is preparing to ramp up passenger flights again. Fraport, its owner and operator, said it is taking comprehensive steps to prevent infection in the currently used areas of Terminal 1 and comply with the requirements imposed by the responsible health authorities.
Alexander Laukenmann, head of Fraport AG’s airside and terminal management, corporate safety and security unit, commented: “We attach top priority to the safety and health of our passengers and employees.

“We are now implementing a wide range of measures to minimise the risk of infection and ensure that passengers can travel safely via Frankfurt Airport.”
A Fraport statement said the entire aviation industry has joined forces to define consistent measures, many of which it has already put into practice at Frankfurt.

It explained that the waiting areas in front of the check-in counters, at the boarding pass and security checkpoints, and the baggage claims have all been reorganised to ensure that passengers can keep at least 5ft (1.5m) apart. Markings on the floor help them do so. Fraport said the same measures are in place at all other processing points where it can be necessary to wait in line. In rest areas, only every other seat may be used. Posters, digital displays, and PA announcements in multiple languages additionally call passengers’ attention to the social distancing rules. Trained agents circulating in the terminal also watch out and remind them if they forget.

Everywhere that passengers and employees need to directly interact, plexiglass shields provide additional protection for both. When front-line staff are unable to maintain the required distance due to the nature of their work, for instance at the security checkpoints, they are required to wear face masks at all times. This also applies to passengers if they board buses or enter shops at the airport.

Fraport said it is still considering whether to insist that everyone entering the terminal, for whatever reason, must wear a face mask.
It added that a large number of hand disinfectant dispensers have also been installed around the terminal, and frequently touched surfaces are now cleaned and disinfected more often than usual.
Mr Laukenmann concluded: “In order for these preventive measures to be truly effective, everyone has to do the right thing by consistently maintaining the prescribed distance from others. We have already taken appropriate steps in all areas that are currently being used or will be in the near future and are working hard to get the rest of the airport ready as well.”