Brisbane airspace changes precede new runway opening

An example of one of the interim flight paths that will become effective at Brisbane Airport on May 21. This example shows interim daytime operations during periods of southerly winds. (BAC)

Brisbane’s airspace is set to change on Thursday May 21, ready for when the airport’s new runway opens on Sunday July 12.

An airport statement said that even though the airspace change means that the new flight paths are installed in the aircraft and air traffic control systems, the flight paths to and from the new runway won’t be used as until it opens on July 12. In the interim period, between the airspace change and the opening of the runway, amended flight paths to the current runway will be used.

Brisbane Airport’s (BNE) existing runway is 01/19 but this will change to 01R/19L as the new northerly parallel runway will be named 01L/19R. The airport’s smaller cross runway, 14/32, will close permanently in May 2020.

The airport operator, Brisbane Airport Corporation, said arrivals and departures to the north and west (which will utilise the new runway once operational) will use contingency flight paths to and from the current runway during the interim operating period. These contingency flight paths will also be used in the future when the new runway is closed, due to maintenance or emergencies.