Temporary reprieve for Berlin’s Tegel Airport

The dramatic COVID-19-induced drop in passenger numbers almost led Berlin’s Tegel Airport to close several months earlier than planned. However, a sudden revival means it will now revert to its October closing date.  (Günter Wicker / FBB)

Berlin’s historic Tegel Airport (IATA: TXL) will revert to its October closure date after experiencing a sudden rise in passenger numbers. With the protracted delay in completing the soon-to-open Brandenburg Airport, Tegel was scheduled to close this autumn. However, in May, the city’s government announced that dwindling traffic meant that all flights could be handled by the city’s other airport, Schönefeld (SXF), and Tegel would close on June 15.

Tegel was effectively about to be on put on standby for the summer in case there was a sharp rise in demand that might prove to be too much for SXF, but that seemed unlikely. At the time of the closure announcement, Lütke Daldrup, CEO of airport operator FBB, told local broadcaster RBB: “Personally, I would prefer to keep Tegel open until the autumn. If I get 50,000 passengers, Tegel will be put straight back into business. But I’m honestly not optimistic that we are going to see those numbers in the next few months.” Nevertheless, Tegel will continue for four more months.