Systems Interface wins ILS/DME contract from Marshall Aerospace and Defence

Kevan Craske, director, Cambridge City Airport.

UK-based Systems Interface has been awarded the contract for the design, supply, installation, and commissioning of a replacement instrument landing system (ILS) and co-located distance measuring equipment (DME) at Cambridge City Airport (IATA: CBG). The new system replaces the airports end-of-life equipment.

Systems Interface will supply, install and commission a NORMARC 7000 ILS system consisting of: a two frequency dual transmitter localizer system, a 12-element two frequency localizer antenna system, a single frequency glidepath system and side band reference glidepath antenna system and a NORMARC Low Power DME. The complete system includes remote control and monitoring and remote maintenance and monitoring capability. The company will also provide all the civil works and project management elements.

“We want to ensure pilots have access to the latest navigational aids and a new ILS ensures we maintain the highest levels of safety for aircraft using Cambridge City Airport that we can,” said airport director, Kevan Craske.

Systems Interface previously replaced the airports end-of-life non-directional beacon (NDB) in 2016 and continues to provide an annual support service.