Lufthansa processes record number of ticket refunds

(Photo: FMG)

The Lufthansa Group has announced that, as of this week, it has reimbursed 2.7 billion euros to a total of 6.3 million customers. A statement on September 11 said that over the past week, approximately 1,800 of these refunds have been processed every hour. The airline said that “justified claims” that it had received by the end of June have already been settled and only “complex cases requiring additional intensive processing” are still outstanding.

The airline noted that, as a result, the number of open ticket refunds to be processed has fallen to one million and added that due to the evolving nature of travel restrictions and corridors across the world currently, new reimbursement claims are continuously rising as a result of flight cancellations and entry regulations.

It explained that it is currently receiving around three times as many applications as a direct result of the pandemic and therefore, the number of open refund claims will continue to develop dynamically but decrease further in the coming weeks.

It emphasised how the Group is working continuously to speed up the processing and initiated many different measures to achieve this, including tripling the capacity of employees in its customer centres. Furthermore, employees from other departments have been brought in to provide additional support and in return, released from part-time working.

In August, the Group has announced that all fares of Lufthansa, SWISS, Austrian Airlines and Brussels Airlines can be rebooked as often as desired, without incurring charges, regardless of destination.