US DOT Announces Airport Infrastructure Grants

(Photo: Louis Armstrong New Orleans Airport)

Through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the US government will award $335 million in airport safety and infrastructure grants

The US Secretary of Transportation, Elaine Chao revealed that the Trump Administration will award the funds to 80 airports in 25 states.

The grants are expected to be used for a variety of critical infrastructure and safety projects. The schemes include purchasing aircraft rescue and firefighting equipment, constructing and repairing taxiways and runways, installing aircraft lighting and signage, conducting airport master plan studies, and installing airport perimeter fencing.

Chao, commented: “Airport infrastructure projects funded by this $335 million in federal funding will advance safety, improve travel, generate jobs and provide other economic benefits for local communities.”

The facility receiving the highest amount is Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, which is in line to accept $39,233,581 which it will use to extend a taxiway.

Other notable amounts include $31,160,550 for Memphis International Airport which it expects to spend on the construction of a de-icing pad facility. On the other end of the spectrum, Julian Carroll airport in Kentucky is expected to receive $166,666 for the removal of obstructions to support the implementation of an RNAV approach.

Stephen Dickson, FAA Administrator, added: “These 61 grants will allow airports around the country to begin and complete projects that are vital to the safe and efficient operation of our nation’s airports.”

Since January 2017, the Trump Administration has delivered $14.5bn to America’s airports to improve infrastructure and safety. Meanwhile, this year the government has delivered $10bn in economic assistance to America’s airports under the CARES Act to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.