UV tech helps San Jose International fight COVID-19

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Dale Coleman)

Devices on escalators join a host of existing security measures at the Californian airport

Mineta San Jose International airport has implemented new UV light technology that helps to eradicate bacteria and viruses.  

Installation of the new ultraviolet light devices on the escalators at SJC is set to improve upon their pandemic safety measures that are already in place.   

The new systems provide innovative sanitation as they are designed to kill up to 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses.  

San Jose airport has already implemented a host of safety measures, such as installing acrylic shields around the airport and a strict cleaning regime. Hand sanitising stations have also been placed at different points around the airport, as well as signs that layout strict social distancing measures.  

Schindler’s Ultra UV Pro handrail device destroys bacteria and viruses with an invisible UVC light. The new low-profile system is installed within the escalator to ensure the safety of the customers. The light emitted from the device will only disinfect the surface when it comes into contact with passengers.  

The handrail provides passengers that may struggle with mobility with a clean surface to hold without the consequence of spreading germs.  

There are no harmful chemicals emitted by the handrail, making it incredibly safe and eco-friendly. The device is very energy efficient as it is using UV-C LED technology. It also works constantly to ensure automatic and effective protection 24 hours a day.  

Installation of the new handrail is set to ease people’s worries about contracting the virus.

John Aitken, SJC director of aviation, said: “Safety continues to be our top priority and the pandemic has provided opportunities to explore new tools and approaches. With this new UV technology, we not only ensure that all escalator handrails in our terminals remain safe and sanitized, but we also offer assurance that it is safe to hold on to handrails to prevent falls without the worry of coming into contact with germs.” 

Aitken also points out how the wellbeing of the passengers is of paramount importance to SJC: “We want our customers to feel confident and safe flying into and out of San Jose, from the curbside to the aircraft gate, and all points in between.”