New security centre at Prague airport to combat cyber attacks

(Photo: Prague Airport)

Havel Airport unveils sophisticated 24/7 system to detect threats

A new $500,000 cybersecurity centre has launched at Havel Airport, Prague. 

The new centre is designed to protect the infrastructure of the largest international airport in the country from cyber-attacks 

Running 24 hours a day, the centre is able to complete monitoring of internal IT systems and all operations performed in order to detect threats. This is all done in a short space of time to ensure an immediate and appropriate response.  

The airport IT systems are already one of the strictest, meaning that the new workplace will further strengthen security.  

“The complete safety of passengers and air traffic is our absolute priority,” said the Vaclav Rehor, Chairman of the Airport’s board of directors. “Threats to important airport information systems can lead to serious disruption to traffic, affecting both staff and passengers. This is the reason we pay special attention to cybersecurity. Launching the new operational centre, we have therefore decided not to use the services of external entities, but to build our own highly specialised workplace with a dozen internal information analysts and experts in cybersecurity. Thanks to the staff, top technical equipment, set security processes and the detection and prevention tools used, the Prague Airport Cyber Security Operational Centre is one of the most advanced workplaces of its kind in the Czech Republic.”  

There are several layers of security involved with the new system. These are monitoring, detection, evaluation and subsequent blocking.  

The new operational centre can also heavily rely on the high level of expertise of its staff. They have appropriate knowledge regarding cyber-attack methods, networks and network protocols and operating systems.  

As well as the enhanced security, the airport has also said they are prepared to offer cyber resilience for other revolutionary projects such as biometrics, autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence.