Electric aviation test centre setup at Swedish airport

(Photo: Andreas Eriksson)

A new international assessment complex for electric aircraft and drones was inaugurated at Åre Östersund Airport last week

The European interregional collaboration project, Green Flyway, has opened new premises at Åre Östersund Airport in Sweden.

The centre, located between Sweden and Norway, will be used to test electric aircraft, unmanned aircraft systems, air traffic management and infrastructure. The environment will also allow easy access to airspace.

Alongside the opening of the new centre, two electric aircraft, a Pipistrel Velis Electro and Phoenix motor glider will be test flown.

Peter Fahlén, airport director at Swedavia’s Åre Östersund Airport, commented: “It is very gratifying and important for the advancement of electric aviation and as well as Sweden’s goal to have domestic flights be fossil-free by 2030 and all flights be fossil-free by 2045 to take the first step in developing a national and international test centre for electric aviation through the Green Flyway electric aviation project.

“Preparatory work for electric aircraft is underway at Swedavia’s airports. Åre Östersund Airport is focusing on to ensure that the airport’s infrastructure is ready to handle commercial electric aircraft in the future.”

Swedavia has carried out sustainability work over the course of many years. By the end of 2020, all ten of the company’s airports are expected to have zero emissions of fossil carbon dioxide. The firm also recently purchased biofuel, equivalent to the amount used for the company’s business travel, since 2016.