Facial recognition travel assistant launched at Lyon Saint Exupery

(Photo: Lyon Airport - Éric Soudan)

VINCI airport’s Centre of Excellence for Innovation has rolled out Mona, a new technology that hopes to revolutionise contactless travel

Mona, a travel assistant which uses biometric data and relationship marketing to cater to the needs of passengers, has been launched at Lyon/Saint Exupery airport.

The new technology enables passengers to walk through different checkpoints within the airport without making any physical contact.

Customers can download a free app to their smartphones either at home or in the terminal to access the new service.

(Photo: Lyon Airport – Éric Soudan)

VINCI has become the first airport operator in the world to offer passengers the opportunity to trial a biometric journey from their home to the aircraft.

Mona provides information about flights as well as the passenger’s journey in real-time. It can also offer personalised services and experiences, which have been developed by airlines and retailers in the airport.

Nichola Notebaert, CEO of VINCI concessions and president of VINCI airports, is pleased with the new technological advancements: “With Mona, VINCI Airports is launching a world-first that adds a new dimension to the airport experience. At a time when contactless technology is providing increasingly important and personalisation is becoming the norm, our network once again proves it is able to continuously reinvent itself.”

(Photo: Lyon Airport – Éric Soudan)

The French data protection agency, CNIL, says that all the information shared is subject to approval by the passenger. The agency has made it clear that every passenger’s rights and privacy will be protected.

The programme has been launched for a one-year trial period. Mona has been made available to those travelling through Lyon-Saint Exupery, via Transavia and TAP Air Portugal airlines.