Check-in desks replaced with 85 metre LED screen at Edinburgh Airport

(Photo: Emma Gray Photography)

Europe’s largest LED check-in display aims to aid passengers with contactless travel

Running the full length of the new baggage carousel, the 85m LED wall provides passengers with flight information, wayfinding and targeted marketing visuals.

The replacement of the check-in desks with the new screen is the first stage of the modernisation plan set for Edinburgh Airport.

Distributor’s Midwich and PSCo worked the integrator nuVIDEO to ensure key features of the new project benefitted travellers.

Michael Macneil, nuVIDEO sales manager, said: “One of the critical considerations in the design of the new check-in facility was to ensure that flight information, wayfinding and emergency information systems would enable passengers to quickly and safely navigate their route through the check-in hall.”

(Photo: Emma Gray Photography)

Graham Pow, head of sales at PSCo, explains how the initial plan was to use LCD technology for the new screen: “This would have been functional, but it was clear LED would be a more suitable platform,” he commented.

Adam Wilson, EAL operations director, believes the development has benefits both aesthetically and practically: “The installation creates a striking visual for all passengers entering the check-in hall. In practical terms, we can clearly display where certain flights and airlines are checking in and show key passenger communications such as security information.”

Overall, 140 prefabricated frames were mounted to the wall. The canvas comprised 560 Absen A2725 plus cabinets, totalling to 2,240 LED panels.

Staff worked in shifts to ensure the logistical and physical demands of the installation were met.

Edinburgh Airport can now provide a drop-off facility that is said to enhance airport experience by reducing bad drop times and informing customers of any changes.

This has also been an important development to ensure the safety of passengers during the coronavirus pandemic.