Menorca Airport to introduce remote air traffic control system

(Photo: Avinor)

The global technology company Kongsberg is set to deliver the new scheme next year

Madrid-based Gesnaer Consulting paired up with Avinor Navigation Services and Kongsberg to introduce a remote tower solution at Menorca Airport.

Features of the new system include a rotating platform which has visual and infrared camera functions.

The cameras have an inbuilt 360-degree panoramic system which produces a live window view. A pan-tilt-zoom camera is also included for the controller’s binocular functions. The digital out the window view is displayed for the controllers on high-resolution monitors.

It can also be used to control a range of airports from one control centre, which is what Norway is currently working on. Collaboratively, Kongsberg and Avinor are working on the programme that will allow a new Norwegian control centre to operate 15 airports at once.

Anders Kirsebom, CEO of Avinor Air Navigation, said: “The combination of our companies’ expertise within aviation operations and technology coupled with our experience from the Norwegian NINOX program will enable us to provide the best system for the Menorca airport.”

Menorca is not the first to implement a remote ATC system, as London City Airport announced the installation of the UK’s first digital control tower back in 2017.

The system is expected to be delivered in 2021. Gesnaer is responsible for implementing and executing the project for the airport operator, AENA.