Biometric path launched at Dubai International Airport

(Photo: Emirates)

Reducing contact through new technology, Emirates hopes to further improve health and safety with the scheme

Emirates has launched an integrated biometric path at Dubai International Airport. The new technology allows passengers to experience a contactless journey, with an apparent reduction of document checks and queuing.

Passengers using the airline can check-in, complete immigration formalities, use the Emirates lounge and board their flights just by walking through the airport. A mixture of facial and iris recognition is used to identify travellers.

(Photo: Emirates)

Adel Al Redha, Emirates’ chief operating officer, believes the advancements in contact-free technology are of great importance: “We have always focused on providing a great customer experience at any touchpoint and now it is more vital than before to make use of technology and implement products, and introduce processes that focuses not only on fast-tracking customers but more importantly on health and safety during their travel journey.”

The reduction in human interaction allows for the sanitation of various touchpoints whilst maintaining health and safety measures. Currently, the touchpoints are installed at select check-in desks in Terminal 3 at the hub.

Alongside the introduction of biometric technology, the ‘smart tunnel’ has also been implemented. This allows passengers to walk through a tunnel to be cleared by the immigration authorities, without the need for physical intervention.

Emirates also introduced the self-check-in and drop off kiosks at the facility earlier this month, enhancing the plans for a touch-free experience.