Austrian Airlines introduces new train route

(Photo: Austrian Airlines)

The new service will run between Graz Central and Vienna Airport as part of the ‘train to plane’ scheme

An additional route has been added to Austrian Airlines and the Austrian Federal Railways AIRail’s ‘train to plane’ initiative.

Four trains with an Austrian flight number will run daily between Graz central station and Vienna Airport from December 13, 2020.

The train journey is expected to take just over three hours.

Existing AIRail routes from Vienna Airport include Linz and Salzburg, which operate over 30 trains per day on each route.

After receiving a positive response from customers, Austrian Airlines were able to shift flights between the two routes from plane to train.

Lufthansa and Deutsche Bahn (DB) have also expanded their ‘train to plane’ scheme with a new service called Lufthansa Express Rail.

Lufthansa Express Rail now connects 16 German cities and Basel with Frankfurt Airport. This service runs up to 123 trains per day.

Swiss is also offering rail services in conjunction with Swiss Federal Railways SBB. On selected SBB connections, passengers can travel between Basel, Lugano and Geneva to and from the Swiss hub at Zurich Airport.

In the event of delays, Austrian Airlines has said that a connecting service is always guaranteed. If passengers miss their flight or train then they will be rebooked on an alternative connection.