New cloud-based platform to help airports

Pavy, developed by Jacobs, is set to improve the asset management of airfields

Jacobs has announced the launch of a cloud-based platform, Pavy, to support airports in managing airfield pavements.

Gaining an understanding of the complex workings of airfield pavements is crucial to planning investment. Due to the pandemic, airport operators are looking for ways to make smarter and more cost-effective decisions regarding important airport assets.

Pavy is a customisable platform, consisting of data-led decisions that put the airport in control.

Donald Morrison, Jacobs people and places Senior Vice President, said: “We work every day to tackle our clients’ toughest challenges, and airfield asset management is a recurring issue in the aviation industry; even more so now, as operators look for more agile ways to manage their operations effectively in response to COVID-19.

“With Pavy, our new cloud-based platform, airports around the globe can better plan pavement investments and prioritize critical interventions.”

The new technology’s asset management principles were constructed when Heathrow Airport commissioned Jacobs to create a solution to manage four million square metres of airfield pavement.

“The Pavy Solution developed by Jacobs was born from the Asset Management principles conceived by Heathrow Airport Limited,” said Louise Batts, Heathrow Airport’s Senior Engineer. “Jacobs has embraced these principles to create a clear visual platform, utilising some of the functionality from Heathrow’s Decision Support Tool and making it applicable to all airports, whatever their size.”

By enabling airports to take control of their data, Pavy is able to build stronger cases for additional funding requests. It can show where investment will be needed over a five-year period, which then connects engineering and finance teams to help balance costs.