Putting Passengers First

May 8, 2009 0

Jim Bujold, VP Honeywell Building Solutions explains how intelligent technologies help airport operators put passengers first. Change is afoot.  In March 2009, the British Government made clear its intention to bring about regulatory reform that […]


All Quiet in Dubai

May 8, 2009 0

Airports International looks at how Emirates Airline has taken extreme measures to minimize the acoustic impact of engine ground runs. After many years of carrying out engine runs at various locations at the Dubai International […]

Airline Focus

Flying the Falcon

May 8, 2009 0

In the latest in our series about the world’s top airlines, Tom Allett reports on how Gulf Air’s Premium Class offerings are about to get even better. Even during an economic downturn, when it comes […]

Air Cargo

Bahrain: Towards 2030

May 8, 2009 0

Tom Allett reports from Bahrain, an airport with regional ambitions. Located in the Persian Gulf, near the eastern coast of Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom of Bahrain is an archipelago of 40 islands with Manama as […]