A320 First Officers

  • Recruiter: Aviation Job Search
  • Location: Middle East, Middle East
  • Sector: Fixed Wing Pilots
  • Job Type: Full time


  • Airline: Trade Air
  • Remuneration: Competitive and negotiated directly with the airline
  • Allowance per block hour provided
  • Base: Middle East
  • Rostering Pattern: Commuting
  • Accommodation: Provided airline standard hotel or apartment
  • Home leave tickets: Provided
  • Insurance: Provided on duty
  • Per diems: Provided
  • Other benefit: Overtime payment/ Ground Transport/ Positioning Flights

Minimum Requirements

  • EASA Licence with a valid A320 type rating
  • last flight within 12 months;
  • Medical valid Class 1
  • 1000 hours Total Time
  • Minimum 300 hours on type A320
  • Availability: February, March 2019

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