Performance Officer

Job type:
Leonardo MW Ltd

Headed up by the Key Account Manager (KAM), the in-country liaison team shall be responsible for the coordination and delivery of all elements for the term of the Contract to ensure Search and Rescue (SAR) Helicopter availability.

The Performance Officer (PO) will be part of the in-country liaison team. The PO shall report to the KAM and be responsible for the continuous monitoring and reporting of all matters pertaining to the Contract performance levels including any risks to maintaining these and opportunities for improvement.

The main objectives of the PO shall be:

  • Accountable to the KAM.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the NAWSARH performance requirements.
  • Compilation and provision of KPI reports and presentations for meetings with the customer.
  • Monitoring and coordination of the risk register and opportunity register.

Please submit your application by the 20th June 2020.

Key Responsibility Areas

  • KPI reports and meeting presentations are published in a timely manner, detailing the achieved performance for each KPI, among which aircraft availability is the major KPI.
  • An understanding exists among the NAWSARH in-country liaison team and the supporting staff in relation to the KPIs and the potential consequences of failure. This will include travel to the operating bases to review performance and mitigating actions directly with our personnel.
  • Liaison with our commercial department and the customer on all matters pertaining to the performance levels and calculations.
  • Adequate description and understanding of the root cause of any KPI deviation.
  • Implementation of containment and corrective actions as required to restore KPI compliance.
  • ICT Interface for NAWSARH in-country liaison team.
  • Coordination and follow up of ICT continuing improvement initiatives that are relevant to the in- country liaison team.
  • Support to Quality and Safety Manager (QSM) during audits.
  • Additional Business support for meeting co-ordination.

Skills, Qualifications & Knowledge Required


  • Minimum 5 years of relevant working experience of which at least 2 years of aircraft operational experience.
  • Strong analytical skills and ICT skills.
  • Remain flexible and responsive to short notice customer requirements.
  • Be self-motivated and work on own initiative, but also be able to work within larger teams.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Flexibility to deal with changing priorities.
  • Integrity and professional approach.
  • Excellent Norwegian and English reading, writing and listening skills, with astute business and commercial awareness.


  • The successful candidate will be expected to undergo a period of training in UK and on the job experience in Sola, Norway. The total period of this training is likely to be 2-3 months.

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