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Company description
Guntermann & Drunck is regarded as leading manufacturer of digital and analogue KVM products for control rooms in air traffic control centers. With a broad portfolio of powerful products to extend, switch and distribute keyboard, video and mouse signals and many years of experience when it comes to installing systems in towers, air traffic control rooms, baggage handling or general control centers at airports, G&D provides users from all applications with maximum customer benefits and real added value.

KVM extends and switches computer signals and thus allows the remote operation of computer technology or the simultaneous access to several computers. G&D KVM solutions optimize you IT equipment and increase productivity for man and machine. As a result, you can benefit from user-friendly, ergonomic control room workstations with less noise and heat. Yet you will still be able to access your computers in real-time – uncompressed, latency-free and at full performance.

G&D is known as an experienced player within the ATC industry and provides decades of experience from cooperation with many renowned integrators and ANSPs. If you need the best possible KVM equipment for your specific application and a completely worry-free solution, then ask for the bespoke ATC KVM systems from G&D.

Why KVM Systems and what are the advantages
The limited space in the tower as well as the necessity to be able to work highly concentrated and undisturbed by computer emissions are the driving factors for removing computers from the controller’s desk into a separate plant room. That way, not only space for the computers as such, but also space, installations and energy needed for their climatisation can be saved.

Moreover, the computers are more easily accessible for maintenance purposes once removed into a remote plant room. Futhermore, flight controllers will no longer be distrurbed by maintenance work. The resonable distance between controller and computer is bridged via KVM extender systems. Such a system consists of a transmitter (computer side) and a receiver (user side).



DP1.2-MUX3-ATC DL-MUX CCC-80C+Komponenten-2 ControlCenter-Digital DP1.2-Vision-System DP1.2-VisionXG-MC4-System DP-Vision-IP_System GD_DL_Vision_CPU-CON_CMYK GD-OL-IBC2015_3c_300dp_Portrait

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