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 About Us 

Advanced Air Traffic Technology for your Enterprise 

At NAV CANADA, we’re innovators, using our operational experience to develop advanced, integrated and sustainable air traffic management technologies that are the right fit for your operations.

As a trusted partner, we work with you at every step in the process to deliver proven NAVCANatm enterprise-wide systems and services that are ready and responsive to your operational needs, with ongoing enhancements to ensure you keep pace with air traffic demands.

Explore the built-in advantage that comes with all NAVCANatm enterprise technology solutions: experience, reliability and a commitment to excellence.

 Innovation Driven by Operational Experience 

Around the world NAVCANatm air traffic management solutions are being used at more than 100 sites on nearly 1600 active workstations to manage some of the world’s busiest airspace.


Our flexible, enterprise wide air traffic management system – NAVCANsuite – features controller working positions with flight, surveillance, weather and airport data applications on a single integrated platform. Optimized for your unique operations, it leverages an open architecture easily configurable to meet your requirements.

Our system allows you to select the features and functionality that best fit your operational requirements. By separating the applications from the infrastructure, we are also able to easily and quickly advance software and hardware capabilities as new enhancements and features become available.

Our NAVCANsuite products include:

NAVCANstrips -  a real-time enterprise wide e-strips coordination system that permits controllers to manage electronic flight data online, using touch sensitive display screens.

NAVCANsitu – a situational display for enroute, terminal and ground control that shows fused surveillance targets and offers maps, inset windows and decision support tools

NAVCANinfo – a graphical display offering controllers real-time airport and meteorological data, NOTAMS, navaid and ATM system status, air field lighting and quick access to operational documents and aeronautical charts.

NAVCANcontrol – a full control system for airfield lighting, and on-screen control of site specific functions such as navaids, and devices such as task lighting and tower blinds.

Integrated ATIS and VOLMET features are also available.


NAVCANlink is your solution for providing reliable real time airfield data to support collaborative decision-making among air navigation service providers, airport operators, air carrier operations managers and other users.

Fully integrated with NAVCANsuite applications, it’s near real-time display of airfield situational awareness data is based on the same reliable information used by air traffic control personnel.

You can see live feeds of airfield activity using surveillance data combined with flight data and weather information, along with operational status information such as NOTAMs and airfield assets including navigational aids and runway lighting. Its ability to standardize provide data quickly, helps in reducing aircraft turn-around time and optimizing airfield asset performance.

NAVCANlink can be accessed from web browsers, making vital airfield information easily available, and system architecture can meet the most challenging security, performance and availability requirements.

NAVCANatm is a subsidiary of NAV CANADA –  a private, not-for-profit company, established in 1996, providing air traffic control, airport advisory services, weather briefings and aeronautical information services for more than 18 million square kilometres of Canadian domestic and international airspace. For more information on NAV CANADA, please visit


Suite-jpg navcanlink-web-view

NAV CANADA Technical Systems Centre
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